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06-21-2010, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Adversary View Post
Berger is a hack, and the "who shot J.R." line proves it. that is such an unoriginal opening line that if I was marking a paper I would write in big red marker DO NOT USE CLICHES IN ACADEMIC PAPERS C-

Although this is not an academic paper by any means, it just goes to show how uncreative and generally a bad writer Berger is.

A few examples:

"Not since "Who shot J.R.?" has a mystery been so compelling, but fans went ape-spit trying to figure out the identity of the nearly ..."

"Ian has fond out my secret,and Stacey killed Archie,not since Who shot JR has a soap suspect created such interest"

"And, not since "who shot JR" have we been left in such suspense as to what happens next."

"Not since who shot JR has there been this much secrecy!"

"Not since "Who shot JR?" has there been a bigger murder mystery on television."

"not since 'who shot JR Ewing in "Dallas"' have I been so fascinated with a TV progamme"

"Not since “Who Shot JR?” has a media storm brewed about fictional characters"

And Berger:

"Not since “who shot J.R.?” in the early 1980s has a question apparently been posed as often as this one"

It's pathetic, really. From a writer's perspective of course. It's the kind of writing that makes me literally cringe.
You know what, if we all wake up and find out the last 6 years was only a dream, Berger can have his hack analogies in peace.

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