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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
But you've got a bias against Carter, so no matter what, any deal looks good in your eyes as long as it involves moving Carter. And fact is, the Vokoun deal is a BAD deal. You don't move a 25 year old, 40 goal scoring, two way centerman for a 34 year old soon to be UFA. You just don't. On top of it, for those who are whining about Carter not getting it done in the playoffs, John LeClair and Tim Kerr were two other guys who "didn't get it done" in the playoffs or took 9 seasons before they started producing in the playoffs. Nobody wanted either of those guys gone.

So, why are you picking on Carter for? You say he has no heart, but he came back from two broken feet and still played, yet was in considerable discomfort throughout the finals. You say he looks like he doesn't care out there, but he's the first guy on the back check and he doesn't put himself out of position. You say he doesn't put any effort into his game, yet he's the fastest skater on the team and him hitting top speed is effortless. You say he isn't physical, yet when players hit him, they bounce off him. There's a reason why the guy is given a wide area when he comes flying down the ice.

Honestly, the Carter hate is completely mind blowing. He's the best two-way forward in Philadelphia. And 40 goal scorers are getting harder to come by. You just don't give those up for a 34 year old goaltender that's soon to be a UFA.
and you apparently like the guy too much to see any flaw in him

dont want to argue over an opinion based thing, but ive watched every minute of every game hes ever played, and even when fully healthy the guy flat out doesnt battle hard...he is soft in the corners and on the boards, and thats all in his head/heart

theres no reason that a guy that big and fast and skilled doesnt do whatever he wants

remember that game vs buffalo a few years back where briere scored in a shootout to snap a 10 game losing streak?? we got down 3-0 or something early that game i remember and carter absolutely took over and played like a man possessed for the rest of the game, and he actually made it look damn easy....well, i have not seen even a glimpse of that before or after that day

the guy has the tools, no question about it, but doesnt have the cant teach heart.....he has value, so i say we use it to win a cup

19 pts in 52 playoff games...and how many of those points were empty net goals??? thats in the new nhl by the way, which makes it pathetic...not only that but missing two empty nets have cost us the last two playoff series we have lost....he doesnt just not show up, he actually hurts us...what was he on the finals -10?? jesus be fair he played with richie and gags who sucked equally in that series, but carter couldnt break the puck out of the zone to save his life, all bc he was always afraid to get hit by the dman...i know hes a center, but hes in the nhl, he should be able to chip the puck out of the zone...thats easy

and he is not the first guy on the backcheck all the time and if he is its becasue the other two guys on his line went to the net while he hung out at the top of the circles...and what does speed have to do with effort/heart?? and players do not bounce off him i.e carcillo

direct quote from jeff carter when asked who the best hitter in the league was ; "i dont know, i try not to get hit" - funny because its true....which makes it not funny

P.S the thing i hate most in the world is people excusing guys who played in the playoffs with injuries - they dont want or need to be excused, they wouldnt be playing if they couldnt - everyone is playing hurt...carter could skate just fine in the finals, i know bc i saw it....bones heal,and trainers/doctors can make pain go away so a broken foot doesnt mean **** to me...and yes i played 2 months with a broken big toe two years hurt like hell, but didnt affect my game at all, so once again, that excuse is not valid for carters lack of playoff performance

vokoun steals games...when was the last time we had a goalie who did that? thats worth something to me...and waiting/hoping for carter to figure his **** out is not a chance i want to take when we can get proven players for him

EDIT:just read it and its a little harsh haha im not trying to get into anything here, im a little snippy with no hockey in my life (not to mention bored to death) , and all these rumors of stuff the flyers might or might not do have me on edge....yes i dont like carter and want him traded. thats my opinion, and while it may not be right, that doesnt make it wrong. im not trying to get into a fued here, so sorry to anyone ive offended

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