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06-22-2010, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by 25 Pronger D PHI View Post
and you apparently like the guy too much to see any flaw in him

dont want to argue over an opinion based thing, but ive watched every minute of every game hes ever played, and even when fully healthy the guy flat out doesnt battle hard...he is soft in the corners and on the boards, and thats all in his head/heart

theres no reason that a guy that big and fast and skilled doesnt do whatever he wants

remember that game vs buffalo a few years back where briere scored in a shootout to snap a 10 game losing streak?? we got down 3-0 or something early that game i remember and carter absolutely took over and played like a man possessed for the rest of the game, and he actually made it look damn easy....well, i have not seen even a glimpse of that before or after that day

the guy has the tools, no question about it, but doesnt have the cant teach heart.....he has value, so i say we use it to win a cup
That's the stupidest thing I've ever read and any other poster on the board will tell you the same. He doesn't have desire is the biggest load of crap I've ever read. I've stopped reading right here because everything from this point on is nothing but verbal diarrhea.

With over 5,000 posts to my name and having been a fan of the Flyers since 1976, I've watched more than my fair share of Flyers games and I'm not adverse to calling any player out. With that being said, Carter has an easy go lucky mentality because he sees hockey for what it is - a game. It's nothing more than and nothing less than.

For Carter, the game comes easy and natural to him. As for his performance in the finals, I'll say it over and over again, he was still playing injured. And there's a HUGE difference between playing hurt and playing injured. He should have never been cleared to play with a broken foot. I remember when I broke my foot playing soccer in high school and I was off my foot for a minimum of six weeks and that was after having screws inserted in my foot. He was rushed back and he should have NEVER been cleared. If you watched the finals, like you claim you do, then you would have noticed Carter was absolutely labouring out there and he wasn't skating the way he normally skates. That very much affected his game.

I'm not making excuses for the guy because he came up short. However, as I also pointed out historically, guys like Tim Kerr, John LeClair, big useless number 25, Simon Gagne, etc...all came up short in their first four appearances in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It happens. And I don't remember anyone wanting to deal any of those guys after they came up short in the playoffs.

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