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06-22-2010, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by 25 Pronger D PHI View Post
sorry, didnt think i had too, thats what people think of when they think of him

what you failed to mention is that he doesnt bring a whole lot else to the table...he finishes all his checks, yes, but hes not huge, so the majority of the time, they are just another hit...the guy is not a very good hockey player otherwise....hartnell is better

i said he hides behind his visor and doesnt own up to taking runs at people, both of which are facts...i dont want guys like him, kaleta, cooke ever playing for my team
I was unaware of the global collective pool of thought on Cal, thanks for update. I figured we were discussing a player, so perhaps it might be best to talk about high points since the low points were all that were being focused on. Subjective low points at that.

I think a lot of your "facts" would be better received as "opinion", like the bolded. Again, I don't want to trade for him, I just find your approach on logic/argument a bit tunnel visioned.

But to cater to you, i'd agree with your assessment which seems to conform to


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