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10-01-2003, 03:17 AM
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From just a quick glance, it seems that you have many of the elements that I'm hoping for in a new CBA. Here are some quick thoughts on the matter though:
-It is unlikely the draft age will be raised. If you do, then you are discriminating based on age on people who are of the age of majority. I think there would be some serious legal ramifications.
-I am a big backer of a luxury tax system, so I like that. I would rather see the threshold amount be lower, and be tiered, so as you move higher on the scale, you will be paying more. The initial tier would start at a lower rate than a 100% tax, however, it would escalate to that point.
-With a proper luxury tax system in place, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing the UFA age lowered.
-I'm a little reluctant to drop the arbitration age, however, I'd probably like to analyze the impact of such a change if it was my call.
-The qualifying offer of 75% is probably a little too drastic. I like the idea thrown out earlier of giving teams the option of making a qualifying offer (10% raise) or going to arbitration. It allows them to retain the rights of players who's play has declined, and are coming off contracts where they were overpaid.

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