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Originally Posted by DubiSnacks17 View Post
The problem is that an ice hockey rink on its own isn't as profitable as one with a bar/restaurant and such.

Rinks make most of their ice related money from high school teams, youth leagues, adult leagues, public skates. I'm assuming anyway. All of those things involve adults being there. Adults like to chill and drink while their kids play, hence bars and restaurants. Adult league players like to go get a drink after the game. Bars.

Pro shops are there because people will sharpen their skates before games. Maybe their stick broke and they need another. They forgot their cup or something so they need a new one. Etc. Not only that but they're more expensive than anywhere else.

All of these things make a successful rink in the US.

We don't have a lot of rinks because for one, in many well populated ares, it's much harder to find land and get permission to open a rink. Also, it's not worth the money for owners unless their rink always has activities.

The rink I play at, I hear doesn't make much money and they have all that stuff. Adult leagues are always full (although less these days, with prices increasing all the time and team payment dates becoming earlier every season), every high school team for a 10-15 or so mile radius plays there, quite a few in house youth leagues, public sessions on the weekends are packed. So IDK, there must be more to it then I know.

And yet, if I want to go to an open hockey session on a Wednesday afternoon when no one is on the ice, it's $10. If I want to go to open hockey when it's packed, $10. More often than not open hockey at nights is on the crappy studio rink and guess what? $10.

We get ripped off like crazy here. Other rinks i know of are $15 - $20 for open hockey. That's a lot every time you wanna go for a skate.
well we do have pro shops. . they just aren't fancy .
which rink are you talking about? rye?brewster?i lived in NYC and connecticut until 2007. go to west haven or milford,ct.those rinks are like the ones up here in BS just hockey. but ours up here are community owned. NOT FOR PROFIT. we do have one private complex with 3 rinks and a bar and all of that stuff. it cost almost double what a league in a community rink cost.
when wonderland in bridgeport was renovated in 2005 they added a second rink.i dont know if the restaraunt ever got put in or not(it was rumored) .that was a HOCKEY RINK before the addition and i hope JF kept it that way after (i moved during construction). but the point remains this. if he has added any of that BS it was to make more money. and thats not what kids sports are supposed to be about. its a shame that people need extra bells and whistles to enjoy a rink. why not just go there and watch the hockey?

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