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06-22-2010, 09:47 AM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
I'll say it again:

Thomas is not healthy right now, he is having off season surgery
Is he going to be some kind of paraplegic as a result? Having off season surgery in professional sports goes with the territory. A lot of Flyers are having off season surgery and Carter has "two broken feet." So what. If Thomas had a degenerative hip condition like Emery then you can say you don't want to touch him with Chara's stick but that is not the case as I understand it. Brodeur in his long career has had numerous injuries some more serious than others and he's still doing pretty damn well playing basically 90% of the Devils games. The thing with Thomas is his contract ..has nothing to do with is abilities which he still possesses. It's not a ludicrous proposition to try and obtain Thomas IMO given he's a proven commodity. Isn't that what Flyers fans want..a proven commodity in net? Some may disagree that he's still capable and that is fine but most people see the cap hit and all other logic escapes. Trust me with the way Holmgren has put the team up against the wall the last couple of years with the cap I wouldn't exactly be thrilled with taking on Thomas' contract for the long term especially since they have to sign players like JVR and Giroux later on but again to me it's about making the most out of the "ticking" careers of Pronger and Timonen..two massive all star defensive anchors that will not be easily replaced in the draft especially when you draft in the middle or late rounds. To acquire players like the both of them you have to take cap hits and trade players, prospects etc anyway.

I don't think this trade is going to happen anyway but again it's not exactly a crazy idea that Meltzer put forward. From what I've been seeing is that Holmgren is going to try and keep the D stacked and sign Coburn and keep the middle stacked so Carter won't be going in the offseason. It seems somebody like Gagne and maybe even Hartnell may go to try and solidify the goaltending but that doesn't seem certain either. What scares me is not Tim Thomas for Gagne but Leighton and Boucher still remaining as the 1 and 2 goalies. I doubt this will happen since Holmgren hasn't even talked to Leighton's agent which says something but he may still have to go on the cheap in the goalie position if he can't get the right deal and we know how that cheap option has gone for the Flyers for too many years now...

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