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10-01-2003, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge
It's not to say no one cares about life or death. Tell you what. Do what i did.

Go work in freakin hospital for a year. I'M BEGGIN YOU, PLEASE.

Go work with kids who are hurt by acts just like this. You tell them how you feel. AGAIN I BEG YOU TO.
Edge, I am not saying you do not have a point. However your remarkable insensitivity to this is not acceptable on this board.

Your initial post on this board talked about how you do not care what happens to the kids. You can feel free to make these comments on the Talk thread, but not here. I have a link to that thread right here, and to be honest I am a little surprised you have not even bothered to post on it yet.

I would also note, that you indeed are taking the high moral ground. In fact many of your comments here are not about the kids, but instead about you. This is not about you.

You have specifically been warned by me once. This is a very sensitive issue on this board, and your trolling to stir up the posters here is not welcome. Anymore of this and you will be taking a little "vacation" from the HF Boards.

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