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Originally Posted by Grasshopperking View Post
Hey all. I just had a terrible experience at the local rink. In retrospect it's kind of funny, but still very annoying. I paid, with my friend, to go to the stick practice. We'd never tried it on ice so it was exciting and we couldn't wait (playing street hockey constantly since the start of the summer). We got on and started passing around. As it got more and more crowded, we got more uncomfortable, mostly because some punk was whipping a puck at us every time he came around. Is this something people do? Are all people dicks to people trying to learn? I'm just flustered because I haven't been bullied since grade school and it was weird. As we left (15 minutes after we started) he wristed some pucks at us over the boards. Little jerk off. It's kind of a funny situation but at the same time I'm very very pissed off that it happened. I really want to pay but not if it's going to be an uncomfortable road like this. Any thoughts suggestions or stories from anyone out there in the inernetz?
Don't take crap from a random kid, especially when you are doing nothing to deserve it. I'm not saying go deliver a beat down but confront him or the employees (I'd rather confront him...)

It is odd to me that he did that though because as a beginner when I went to a clinic that was way out of my league (filled with kids that played AA/Prep School) they did nothing but give me tips on what to do and just told me to go at it. I have found that hockey players are the nicest to noobs; although maybe because I am in South Jersey, they just want more people to play with

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