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So, I thought maybe this thread wouldn´t mind some actua hockey info. I think it could be interesting to track the performances of Slovak teams against the foreign teams during the pre-season, so I created kind of a shedule of all international games and tournaments with Slovak teams:

30.07. HC Vítkovice/CZE- HC K-CERO Nitra
30.07. HC Olomouc/CZE-1- HK 36 Skalica
02.08. MHC Martin- France U23
03.08. PSG Zlín/CZE- HK 36 Skalica
04.08. HC Slovan Bratislava- Kometa Brno/CZE
05.08. HK 36 Skalica- France U23
05.08. Dukla Trenčín- Metalurg Zhlobin/BLR
10.08. MHC Martin- Metalurg Zhlobin/BLR
11.08. Ambri Piotta/NLA- HC Košice
12.08. HKM Zvolen- Metalurg Zhlobin/BLR
12.08. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl/KHL- HC Košice
12.08. Kometa Brno/CZE- HC Slovan Bratislava
13.08. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl/KHL- HC Košice
17.08. EHC Biel/NLA- HC K-CERO Nitra
18.08. HC La Chaux de Fonds/NLB- HC K-CERO Nitra
19.08. HK 36 Skalica- Dukla Jihlava/CZE-1
19.08. Graz 99ers/EBEL- HC Košice
20.08. Vienna Capitals/EBEL- HC Košice
24.08. HK 36 Skalica- HC Dukla Jihlava/CZE-1
24.08. Chaux de Fonds/NLB- HKM Zvolen
24.08. SC Langnau/NLA- HC 05 Banská Bystrica
25.08. EHC Biel/NLA- HC 05 Banská Bystrica
26.08. HC Slovan Bratislava- PSG Zlín/CZE
26.08. HK 36 Skalica- HC Olomouc/CZE-1
26.08. Dukla Trenčín- EC Graz 99ers/EBEL
27.08. Rapperswill/NLA- HC 05 Banská Bystrica
28.08. HC Lugano/NLA- HC 05 Banská Bystrica
31.08. PSG Zlín/CZE- HC Slovan Bratislava
31.08. HK 36 Skalica- Vienna Capitals/EBEL
02.09. HC Slovan Bratislava- HC Olomouc/CZE-1
02.09. HK 36 Skalica- Oceláři Třínec/CZE

Foreign tournaments with Slovak teams
Wurmberg Cup 2010, August 20th-22nd
Teams: HKM Zvolen, Hamburg Freezers/DEL, Hannover Indians/DEL, EHC Black Wings Linz/EBEL

Coupe des Bains 2010 , August 25th-28th

Group 1: HKM Zvolen, HC Lausanne/NLB, Servette Geneve/NLA
Group 2: HC Fribourg/NLA, Ambri Piotta/NLA, SWE/RUS team

Basel Tournament, August 18th-22nd

19.08. HC Slovan Bratislava- Barys Astana/KHL
20.08. HC Slovan Bratislava- EHC Basel/NLB
21.08. HC Slovan Bratislava- ?

Tournament in Switzerland

20.08. HC K-CERO Nitra- Ambri Piotta/NLA
21.08. Liberec(CZE)/Fribourg(NLA)- HC K-CERO Nitra

Home Tournaments with Foreign teams

Cassovia Hockey Cup in Košice, August 24th-26th
Teams: HC Košice, HK ŠKP Poprad, CSKA Moscow/KHL, HC Vítkovice/CZE, HC oceláři Třínec/CZE, Hradec Králové (?)

Zábojníkov memoriál in Zvolen, August 5th-7th

Teams: HKM Zvolen, MHC Martin, HC K-CERO Nitra, Poland National Team, Sokol Kyiv/UKR, Orenburg/RUS-1

Rona Cup in Trenčín, 12th-14th August
Teams: Dukla Trenčín, Mshk Garmin Žilina, HC K-CERO Nitra, PSG Zlín/CZE, Oceláři Třínec/CZE

The increased numbers of games between Slovak and Swiss teams are really an improvment and it´s nice to see that we don´t have just one team (Slovan) capable of getting some really good pre-season shedule, but 5 (Slovan, Košice, Zvolen, Nitra, BB). But yeah, considering that in recent seasons some Slovak teams have been playing Polish league teams, I suppose even playing against EBEL teams is an improvment.

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