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06-22-2010, 04:53 PM
Frankie Spankie
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That sucks, I'd say call him out and be pissed at him on the ice, loudly to try to cause a commotion so other people can tell. I'd say just yell at him when he throws a puck at you from pretty far away so you're not just screaming in his face. If he continues, go talk to people who work at the rink, hopefully they kick the idiot off or refund your money or both.

I have only gone to these stick practices once at my college when they have open skate. There weren't many people around when we started but more and more people came. My friend didn't play ice hockey very long at all, just a few months, so he was noticeably bad, what you'd expect from somebody with little experience. Other people skating around were really cool to us working on some passing plays across me, my friend, and like 3 other people that showed up. Didn't see anybody being a dick like that, I would've been pissed if somebody was doing that to us.

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