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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Whilee, my understanding of this process is that the COG is awaiting determination on the Term Sheet provided by IEH. If A-OK, they'll then finalize the AMULA & then forward it off to the NHL. As IE has stated they expect to get a final deal done with Glendale & the NHL between August-October, that June 30th deadline date cant be met. I stand to be corrected though.
I recognize that they could not get anything finalized by June 30th, but the statement makes it seem as though they plan to forward information about IEH (including the draft MOU and term sheet) to the NHL for their assent to move into final stage negotiations over the ensuing weeks or months. Presumably, they knew that they could not have a finalized lease agreement by June 30th when they released the June 8 statement, so this would be a preliminary step in the process. Note that the June 8th statement from Glendale still refers to "the deadline of June 30", which seems curious given the status of negotiations, don't you think?

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