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03-23-2005, 02:37 AM
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your numbers are totally wrong. they can shed off the role players with higher salaries. also, if the negotiations are any indication how a future CBA will look like, the players are probably accepting some sort of significant rollback. if that's the case, the avs only have 23 million dollars in committed payroll for next season (see NHLPA's dec. 9th PDF proposal). that could leave lacroix with 17 mill in cash for lacroix to play with. forsberg and foote are free agents and they know they won't be getting as much money as they have made previously. they'd likely re-sign with colorado, but at a much lower price. i would guess 5 - 7 mill for forsberg and 2.5 - 3.5 mill for foote. there might even be room for kariya, though i don't think the avs are keen on signing him.

if, however, there is no rollback, the avs salary will amount to 30 mill. that still gives them room to sign forsberg and foote (though more roster maneuvering will have to be done). in such a case, sakic and blake may be asked to take pay cuts while lappy, boughner, and laaksonen (using these players only as examples) may be released/traded (some portion of their salaries would definitely have to be eaten up).

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