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06-22-2010, 06:19 PM
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I don't particularly understand why there's seemingly only been a push for Burns over the past day or two and yet massive disappointment once he doesn't make it.

Nice to see Jimmy Devellano get the recognition. He did help produce Yzerman into the GM he's become.

We all know of Ciccarelli's dominance with the Lightning, but it's a little known fact that he also played 4 years with Yzerman and the Red Wings. (92-96)

Still, the story that the media will cover is the one that the HHoF wants them to. The women nominated. Cammi Granato and Angela James. Both deserving, but it doesn't feel right when there's such a backlog of male players deserving to make it in.

I kind of get the feeling that Dino got in this year because he's a small name for the hall (unlike Lindros, Oates, Richter, Bure, etc. who would draw considerably more media attention, and probably do numerous interviews, etc. (meanwhile Ciccarelli has a history of altercations with media types, ensuring they'll stay away)) His story will be pretty much entirely skipped over in favor of the ladies'.

Dino's distracting us away from the PR focused choices of the class. There's no logical way Dino would have made the hall by himself this year, had the women's subcategory not been created.

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