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06-22-2010, 11:36 PM
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Protecting stick blades?

Ok, this may be an odd question. Does anyone have any good methods of covering/coating the bottom of a wooden blade to keep it from wearing down or splintering? I play ball hockey in a gym and I recently purchased a Sher-Wood 5030 SC stick. I absolutely love the stick but am concerned about the bottom of the blade wearing down and/or splintering quickly. I tried using shin pad tape on the blade (in place of hockey tape). It worked quite well for much of the night but had worn through later on. The tape was great, it didn't stick to the floor or the ball. I am going to try covering the bottom of the blade with a strip or two of the tape first and then taping the whole blade as before with the shin pad tape.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Just wondering. Thanks!

Oh yeah, this may sound nuts, but has anyone ever tried using Toe Pro to coat the bottom of a stick blade?

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