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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Sorry but that is completely false. I have proper technique and the woodies don't last for crap, a compopsite lasts a long time with proper technique. Wood blades give out very quickly when one can actually shoot well, Poor technique breaks composites as well as using the wrong flex too stiff or too light more than regular use breaks them.

The only time a woodie will last someone is if they are a dangle/passer and don't shoot type player.

I've saved so much money since switching to composites it isn't even a contest as to which is better moneywise.

I'm telling you right now that when you know how to shoot wood doesn't last period.

I've ruined wood blades in an hour before practicing shooting. I used wood for 35 years and I just know this from experience.

It really is the truth Mr. King of Hoons.
Well you apparently are the exception when regarding slapshots. This guy is a relative beginner and is probably hitting the ground too far back or something because unless he is quite strong or does have great technique, woods should last longer than 1 game.

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