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10-01-2003, 05:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Hoot
If the charges are true and senior White House officials did name an active CIA operator then the scandal is bigger than Watergate and the impeachment of Clinton. Treason trumps sex and burglary/spying.
Against my better judgement I will respond despite the absolutely over the top comments of some of the kool aid drinkers.

* Bob Novak says it was not anyone in the White House.

*Jame's Wilson is now backtracking like crazy and has now said he got "caught up in the moment" when he threw out Karl Rove's name.

* It would appear that his wife is NOT a spy, or an agent, or a covert operative, or whatever other James Bond description you want to use but rather an analyst sitting at a desk.

* It appears that it was well known in Washington that Wilson's wife worked in the CIA and also her name was already put into the public record on a number of occasions by Wilson himself.

And yes, divulging the identity of a field agent would be worse than committing perjury or a "third rate burglary" (unless you're Bob Torricelli, that is. Then you can blow a CIA field agent's cover and its no big deal). But it seems more and more apparant that that is not the case and that the media in their zest for scandal measured once and cut twice instead of the other way around.

When all is said and done, if any of the names being tossed around are in any criminal jeopardy I suspect it is Mr Wilsons wife whom if I had to guess will turn out to have been the "American CIA source" that the BBC used in their now discreditted "sexxed up dossier" story (that ultimately lead to that guy committing suicide btw)

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