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10-01-2003, 05:16 AM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW
There are 3-4 cash cows in the nhl just like in baseball.Teams that would not mind paying a luxury tax for going over a $40m-$45m cap because they are already spending $65m-$80m a yr while making a profit.

also the level of payroll in the nhl is pretty wide.Last yr Minn' payroll was at $20m and the nyr's payroll ended up at over $80m.I think TB's payroll was around $27m.

You cant compare MLB to the NHL. The Yanks are the high around 160 million (i think). The lowest is around 40 million. Thats a 120 million dollar difference. The NHL high is around 80 million, the lower around 27. Thats a 53 million dollar difference.

And in MLB there is only one Cash Cow that goes over the limit. Thats the Yanks. Everyone else is on or under that number.
45 million for the NHL would effect nearly 1/2 of the teams. Most of the teams over than number will lower thier payroll to be below it. Isn't that the idea? The create a more equal playing field

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