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06-23-2010, 05:30 PM
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[QUOTE=deanwormer;26447967]Think I'd have to disagree bout your remembering last season.... The Klein Hammer pairing never worked and that was when they both - not just KK - were crucified on the boards. While KK certainly worked through some first full season kinks and learning moments he played a pretty solid role when he was out with other than Hammer. He grew a bunch from 2 seasons ago when he had to fight for time to last year and I expect to see at least that much this year, too. [QUOTE]

That's fine. Everyone has different expectations, mine may have been too high? I personally thought he was terrible. He made the person he was paired with worse. Not saying Dan was his usaul self and that he isn't to blame, but even with Franky he was the weak link. I don't know if it's confidence or communication or a combination of the two. He makes things too complicated and has trouble reading plays, especially coming out of the zone.

I'd much rather Blum get the time and have another season of "first season kinks and learning moments" than Klein paired with anyone. Blum is recognized as having a very high hockey IQ. He'll have to get used to the size and speed of NHL hockey, but he's already a step ahead of Klein in my book if the reviews are correct.

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