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Originally Posted by RoyIsALegend
I am the goalie coach for the Cooksville Phantoms Minor Peewee 'A' team, and my dad is the head coach along with two other parents on the team serving as trainer and assistant coach.

Our team is currently in the semi-finals, and the way it works is that the two teams play as many games as necessary until one team gets _SIX_ points. Ties are allowed. So we lost the first game 2-1, tied the second game 1-1 and tied the third game 3-3, so we were down 4 points to 2 going into tonight.

We finished 3rd in the regular season, and they finished 2nd.

I decided to do something for the team's morale by making a huge sign saying 'DO... OR... DIE...'. As they all we coming into the rink, they read this and immediately got the boost they needed pre-game. The game was 0-0 going into the third period, when our 1st line left-winger got a 5 minute major + game misconduct for cross-checking an opposing forward head first into our goal post. The kid was severely injured, but the truth is that while the call was cross-checking, all he had done was go with him at full speed towards the net with the sticks lifted. As they got in front of the net, having the balance shifted upwards from the stick holding, the kid went head over heels and into the post. A terrible call.

So it's a 5 on 4 for 5 minutes, and we're absolutely getting peppered with shots. Our first string goaltender, who's played all but one game in the playoffs, was absolutely phenomenal. And our captian, whom is our first line centre, was blocking shots left and right, holding the puck up against the boards and giving us every chance to win. We were able to kill off the entire five minute major, and then we _immediately_ got another call.

Guess what this call was?

The referee, the same one who deemed our winger's stick-holding as intentional cross-checking from behind, says that our 2nd line right-winger _SPAT_ at another player after getting hit. Now, these kids are 11 years old, and I can tell you that of any player in the entire team, this kid would _NEVER_ do something like that. He is an absolute angel, and had ONE penalty in 42 regular season games, and that was for batting the puck down-ice on a penalty kill with a broken stick. The kid's mouthguard came flying out after he got hit, and happened to go in between the cage of his helmet, and this was deemed as SPITTING on the opposing player?

So we're down 5 on 4 for 2 minutes with 3:17 to go.

My dad(the head coach) decides that with our first line left winger kicked out, our second line right-winger in the box, and our two best penalty-killers already out there for a minute... to put the 3rd liners on.

Yup, the kids who ride the pine during the 3rd period.

He throws two of them on... blocked shot by one... break-away by the other one... _short-handed_... SNIPES TOP SHELF WITH 1:40 TO GO! The kid scored 3 goals in 40 regular season game, and hadn't popped one in the play-offs, and he scored the most important goal of the season so far.

We went up 1-0, killed off that penalty and went on to win, despite being short-handed for 7 of the 12 minutes in the third period.

I'm so proud of these guys, and now the series is tied up at 4 points apiece. Game five is on Thursday, and if either team wins, the series is over. If there's a tie, then we go to a game six. I'm hoping that with our momentum from the shut-out and the heroic end of the game, we can eliminate them in game five and go on to the finals.

Anybody think I should put the 'DO OR DIE' sign again on the door? We are facing elimination, but the same time I risk bringing in a repetitive nature and it may not have the same effect.


By the way, you can follow the scores here if you'd like:

We're Cooksville 40, and we're facing Port Credit 40.

And here are the 'brackets' if you will:

Anybody in the Mississauga area is welcome to come cheer us on at Erin Mills Twin Arenas on Thursday night!

IN USAHockey, if a player is injured as a result of a cross checking penalty, the result is 5 and a game whether the intent is there or not...don't know how it is up there...

608(b) A major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be
imposed on any player who injures an opponent by

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