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10-01-2003, 05:39 AM
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Originally Posted by mowzie
my take on things looks like this....

They create a ladder type performance based salary w/ salary cap.

salaries base start at say

then incentive bonuses are the same rate for every player. and have 2 seperate levels.
eg. 25 goals=200,000 and 50 goals=500,000

team base salary cap is 40 mil excluding incentives. anything over 40 mil, and the money must be doubled and given back to the league (like speed suggested) and used mainly to balance the canadian/ american market. but my twist on the rule is that the absolute cap lies at 45 mil.

eg. if a team wants to make a deal that may exceed this amount, they'd have to put another guy on waivers, or make a deal to keep themselves under 45.

i think with this type of more socialistic marxist type NHL, all 30 teams can contend, and this would almost completely eliminate financial trades and salary dumps. (ie. oilers can sign their doug weights and anson carters) because if an elite player was to be moved he would make the same thing in edmonton as he would in new york.

thats about it, i know theres still some holes to be filled but i don't get paid for this so i will leave it to b. goodenow and g. bettman, if i miss any NHL action next yr, i will be very angry guys.
I hate to say it, but you would miss a lot of NHL action if they went in with this proposal. There is no way the players would accept an absolute cap of 4 mil. There are a lot of players who make more than that already, and I don't think they will accept multi-million dollar pay cuts. Having a cap for the team could work, because then in theory the stars could keep making more, but individual caps won't fly. I have heard quite a few players say this already. If there was no opportunity for advancement past a certain wage, there is a loss of incentive to put in the kind of work they have to do to play their best.

This also seems to assume that scoring is the only measure of a player, even though some of the most valuable players don't do much of it. Players would forget to play team hockey in order to score more, since it would appear to be the only way to make a higher wage.

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