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10-01-2003, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Shawn
From the Sun:

"It's an opportunity for teams to (dump) salaries," Quinn said. "We talked about that all summer long that there could be high-priced people available. Someone might take the bait and some of them might be good players. <b>If we do anything, which is not likely.....</b>"

I am tired of reading stuff like this from Quinn. It is up to the GM who should be protected and who should not. It is also the GM's job to pluck anyone off the waiver wire who he thinks may help the club not the coaches. I would love to see Quinn fired. I think we need a guy that the players will listen to, who will install some kind of system and will not over step his boundries.

My rant for the day.
Here is more fuel for the Fire from the National Post.....

Quinn does not expect much movement from the Maple Leafs.

He does expect to have his basic regular season roster finalized later this week, meaning fringe players such as Perrott will have to wait to learn their fate.

"We have a lot of depth at forward right now, and so we've got some decisions to make," Quinn said. "A lot of times, fairness doesn't really happen at this time of the year."

.................................................. .................


Man Quinn loves his Vets and and Leafs are burdened with excessive 3rd & 4th line players because of Quinn..

What ever happened to fairness...If a young player out plays, out performs, and out wits ....then why can they not survive the Final Cuts??..

I really believe the Leafs need wholesale changes and hopefully Fergy will rid the Leafs of some of those Vets...

The kids have more upside , more talent and more energy then all those Dinosaurs that Quinn has assembled and now feel obligated to play..

Start taking steps now to secure a better future..

Trade Berg ..inorder to give his spot to Colaiacovo..

Cut Belak....inorder to have a high Energy cost effective player like Perrot play on the 4th line..

Remove Green...inorder to give Matty Stajan a spot..

Remove Fitzgerald...inorder to give Poni Boy a spot..

Reichel ..well where kind of stuck with him ...earning 3.5 million and playing 4th line minutes.. Thanks to he feels obligated to keep on PLAYING and PAYING his mistakes..

I would inject some youth and energy into this lineup and not only because I believe it needs it but because many of the kids have earned it, and @#$%$ Fairness, dress your best players..

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