Thread: Rumor: Brashear to the KHL
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06-24-2010, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by jniklast View Post
In the CBA it says:

I don't think him playing in Russia would get hiom off the cap. It doesn't matter if he actually get's payed (if he retires his cap hit would still count) and/or is suspended, he will count against the cap in any case until he is traded. Even if he is on LTIR (and no suspensions definitely have nothing to do with LTIR and aren't in any way similiar) he would still technically count against the cap, but we would of course be allowed to spend those 1.3M over the cap.

But yeah, I could easily imagine a trade Brasher to some team at the cap floor for futures.
that's all well understood however no where in there does that refer to suspended players breaching their contracts. we all know if we loan him to russia or loan him to an ahl team he'd be on the cap. that part of the CBA has nothing to do with suspended players which he would be if he signed with russia in breach of contract and or was suspended by the team for defamatory comments towards the organization which he could choose not to contest for the ability to go to russia and make more money

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