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06-24-2010, 11:35 AM
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I thought the Landry and Stellick combo was pretty good. I guess the ratings weren't good enough to stay that course. It'll be interesting to see who is replacing them.

Mike Hogan long overstayed his welcome for me. On days I'm home doing work listening to the radio, I would literally shut off my radio once I heard the first few notes of his theme music. And I want to listen to sports radio. Hogan has some abilities and should be able to score a decent job on the air somewhere but I've never understood how he had survived so many purges. I think he suffered from the staleness of comfort he was given with that show, this may be good for his radio career. Too much football talk, too little intelligent hockey talk.

P.S. Has Howard Berger survived? If so, proof positive to me that he's related to someone very powerful at the Fan590 or Rogers. Stellick, Landry, Hogan, Armstrong and others are far more engaging on-air personalities. Perhaps they're just more expensive.

Addition: Greg Brady is a good addition in my opinion. Very professional and intelligent. They may not keep him for long.

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