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03-24-2005, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
You argument concerning the salary numbers was not valid because you did not have the salaries for next year. Therefore, you did not have an informed opinion. While you had a good idea, it was still inacurrate. Whether or not the Avs will be able to sign everyone back to their team is debateable, obviously, but they are in much better shape then many think. They are still very capable of winning the Stanley cup, and for that reason, they would be foolish to trade Hejduk barring any outrageous circumstances.
ive never said they were going to trade hejduk. i also think it would be foolish - it was said early on that the avs would have the money to keep everyone and i dont believe that its going to happen. i gave the best case i could with the best info available - i think i made my points effectively. even if the next years salaries are at 23/30 - there is still maybe too many guys to sign to get them all back including forsberg. for all my arguements that its going to be tough - no one really presented a good case why they will be able to afford them. if there is no rollback - its impossible. 30 million on the books with hejduk, tanguay, foote, and forsberg to sign....and keep it under 40 mill? i think the arguement ive made here is certainly valid. if there is a rollback, and they're at 23 million they would have 17 million to sign those guys. if you get foote at 3-4 mill, tanguay and hejduk at 3-4, forsberg at 6 mill(stretching it) - youve got all the big guys with maybe a couple million sign the other 4 or 5 guys. it doesnt really add up, does it? aside from comments like "your numbers are wrong", or "they have plenty of wiggle room" - no one has explained to me how this will work at either number. everyone has no problem saying im wrong - but ive yet to see any proper justification for that attitude. if im wrong - then how does this work?

if i wasnt using the right numbers before - am i now? im using jeri's numbers and it still looks tough. impossible with no rollback.

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