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10-01-2003, 07:21 AM
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I really like Speeds proposal. I'm glad some fans realize the impossibility of getting a hard cap. If that's the hill the owners want to die on then we better all hone up on basketball for the next couple of years. Couple of points;

1. Really love two things in your proposal; getting rid of the 10% qualifying offer and raising the draft age. In my opinion the qualifying offer is the most ridulous aspect of the CBA. Owners should fight hard to get rid of this rule that inflates the salries of the NHL a minimum of 10% each year. The NHLPA beleives in market driven salaries than so be it, lets make them market driven.

2. Another clause I would like to see is that all contracts are two/way. Make the minor league value of any contract 10% of it major league value. Allow owners to dump underachieving high contracts in the minors. I know the players wouldn't like this one but its easier to swallow than a hard cap. Get rid of the 11 game waiver rule.

3. One last point, I personally am hoping and looking forward to a really long strike. I've been a hockey fanatic all my life but recently hockey has been annoying me for one simple reason. The freaking season is waaayyyy to long. The playoffs end, you have a draft, free agent season starts and than bam its training camp. There is no breathing space and these seasons just continually run into each other. I find than when the NFL season starts I'm really looking forward to it because its been 6 months in between. I think they need to shorten Pre-Season, compress the regular season/ playoffs as much as humanly possible. Anyone else feel this way?

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