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Originally Posted by Chruceg View Post
You're damn right it was luck.

What happens if Hossa gets kicked out of game five of the Nashville series like he should have? Nashville goes up 3-2 with a game at home. What happens if Toews, Kane, or Niemi gets hurt in the playoffs? What happens if Philly scores in overtime of game six? What happens Halak doesn't play out of his mind and Washington or Pittsburgh rolls to the Stanley Cup Finals?

I completely agree that Chicago was the best built team in the NHL this past year. But winning the Stanley Cup relies too much on little bounces, freak injuries, and unlikely supporting guys to say anything with certainty.

Also, I've never said not to spend money. Please don't build a straw man argument here. There is a difference between the way that Detroit spends to the cap and the way Chicago spent to the cap. There will be a time when LA spends up to the cap. It may even be this year but overspending for only one CHANCE at the cup is illogical and most likely going to end in heartache.
I don't buy all that luck stuff, the same goes for every other team in the playoffs too. So basically every single team that has won the Cup did so because of luck? What if Gretzky & Messier got hurt in 1981? What if Crosby got hurt last year? It's all hindsight, but none of that happened and they won the Cup.

And are you saying that if we sign Kovalchuk this year we only have next year as our chance to win? How do you figure? I think it will give us a chance for years to come. If we have Kovy, Kopitar, Doughty, Johnson, Bernier, Simmonds, Brown, Schenn signed for the next 5 or 6 years, how do we only have one chance?

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