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06-24-2010, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
No, I think the person that wrote the post was insinuating that Chicago got lucky to win it the 1st year that they were really contenders and that doesn't happen very often.

He also correctly points out that if things hadn't played out exactly the way they did in the East, then Chicago probably doesn't win in the Finals. Obviously, winning soothes a lot of the cap issues that they have now. If they would have played a team like Pittsburgh in the Finals it might have be a different story today.

Chicago won it. Good for them, but I think it isn't the example to follow.
You don't have to follow Chicago. Chicago is in a pretty unique situation. They are by far the furthest in CAP trouble we've seen a team since the CBA has been signed. Nobody else has been remotely close. Kovalchuk just doesn't bring the Kings to that point. Especially if he isn't given a NTC.

Then the flipside of that, if the Kings make prudent moves for the next few seasons while the players "develop" etc., we'll be in a perpetual state of building the contender making small progress every year. By the time the team is ready to compete, Kopitar's contract will probably be expiring. Bringing a guy like Kovalchuk could actually motivate the team to take it to the next level whereas remaining stagnate or making small impovements each offseason could frustrate them.

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