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06-24-2010, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Sybil227 View Post
Yeah. We can run around like our heads were chopped off like we did under Crawford. No thanks.
Every team cycles the puck. The ones that are really good at it & get it to the front of the net win games. We got a lot better at it this year, as evidenced by our improvement in 5-on-5 scoring. We can get better.
TM is archaic? I'm sorry, is there some new, magic way of playing hockey that lets you win without playing defense, back-checking, working hard in the corners & along the boards, and going to the front of the net?
Could you show it to me, pray tell?
And don't trot out Detroit or Chicago to me. They do all of these things. They're very talented, they work very hard, and they have complete buy-in to their system so that everyone works together. We're getting there. But we're not going to get there by abandoning the things that make hockey teams successful.
I'm perfectly happy with TM. Look at the horrible things he's done in the last year:
Wow. Fire him.
Don't care whether you like his style or not. He's teaching our team the right way to play & getting results from it.
Yeah -- a good offensive zone cycle is like the ground game in football. It isn't flashy, but it wears on your opponent, forces mistakes, sets 'em up for the big strike and keeps their offense bottled up.

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