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10-01-2003, 06:30 AM
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Originally Posted by FacelessButcher
who cares about baseball it sucks anyway and Pinehockey GPS is getting more commonly used and more accurate it's built into many watches nowdays but yes it would be pretty hard to get it all to mesh and I would assume the technology would have its share of bugs and be worse then the refs for a little while. but, once the bugs are out it would be great refs take up too much space on the ice and interfere in the play at times and not having to deal with human error would be great.
Yep, GPS is getting better no doubt about it. But we are talking about cm if not mm's here. Currently GPS are accurate to meters, or decimeters at best. But having said that, I'm sure that some other flavour of technology could be employed. I think curling is experimenting with something for hogline violations. But you will still need the refs to overrule the technology when it screws-up, as it invariably will. Think how many times a day some technology in your life screws-up - computer crashes, taped the wrong show on the damn VCR, program failures, etc. I like technology, but human officials are always going to be necessary.

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