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10-01-2003, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
The point about the bonus levels is not set by the owners, the CBA, or the nhlpa... that is on a case by case basis determined by the GM and the player agent. Nothing made Lowe set Comrie's levels to what they were, but he needed to set them at a somewhat attainable level in order for the Comrie camp to agree to them. I like the idea about the picks... but I would set it at 1.5 mil for a 1st overall pick. The only problem I see is this teams swapping picks (like last year), and the player who everyone knew was going #1 overall goes say 3rd, that could possibly lead to a grievance by the NHLPA... just a possiblity.
(1)I don't think any kind of grievance would be heard there. If a guy ranked 80th is drafted 20th the team won't say "give this guy less money"

(2) bonus levels are indeed set out in the CBA, not dollar amount, but minimum performance standards

The NHL is required by law to have 18 year olds in their draft... the CBA cannot prevent this.
the NFL ruling might tell us a bit here, but I've addressed this point above in a reply since you posted this.

I don't think this benefits either side. Most players don't play their rookie season until they are about 21 or so, leaving these guys no bargaining power anyways. It hurts the owners because of the player say wins the ROY, they have a free lotto ticket (based on how we have seen past arbitration rulings). The way it is now has more of a mutual benefit.

In general, precedents usually are not set in arbitration. there are a few cases where it has been (Smith comes to my mind), but in general, the big pay jumps are negotiatied strictly between team and player precisely because the player at the elite level knows that arbitration usually won't work in their favor (Iginla, Kariya, Pronger, Theodore, all reasonable examples). Additionally, I think it helps everyone to get everyone under contract as soon as possible, perhaps reducing the number of holdouts we see by a couple per season. Plus, under the new qualifying system, if a player doesn't earn their 2.0 mil, then they get qualified at 1.5 and work from there afterwards.

The players still don't have to accept this offer... and really, this only applies to players who have been in the league for a certain number of years, and who make less than the league minimum.
It would apply to everyone who is an RFA, whether they make 8 mil or 1.2 mil

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