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Originally Posted by disorder View Post
Phil Kessel Return:

2010 1st from Tor which everyone knew would be a top 5
2010 2nd from Tor
2011 1st from Tor which figures to at least be top 15

This is a great return considering Toronto new Boston had to trade him, he was a RFA, and everyone knew he wanted to get paid.

The Carter situation isn't entirely the same but it's similar enough to where I'd think Carter would net a similar return. Kessel has some pluses over Carter but I think Carter's pluses out weigh Kessel considerably

Kessel Pro's when comparing to Carter
2 years younger

Kessel has better puck handling, passing, deking, and is the more dynamic player overall but I don't think he's considerable better than carter in any area.

Both of their shots are similar

Carter Pro's when comparing to Kessel
Carter is much better defensively/ Face offs

Carter while not physical is probably the tougher player

I might give the edge here to Kessel but based on this you don't trade Carter for any of the following:

Price (which obviously isn't happening now)
Vokuon(who's too old)

All goaltenders who haven't proven anything while Carter is just as young and has had 2 almost All Star caliber years.

You especially don't trade Carter for the above when Halak, who's at least proven something, only returned a promising prospect, who hasn't logged enough time in the NHL, and a 4th liner.

Based on all of the above if your trading Carter you get either

Johnathan Quick - Young and minded net for a play off team
Tuuka Rask - Young and minded net for a play off team
Jarsolav Halk - Young and minded net for a play off team. Probably won't happen now.

If your thinking Bernier it would be appropriate for the Flyers to get more in return and considering the Kings are a good team 1st rounders are not going to cut it. Bernier + Schenn + late First

Schnieder + late first + Grabner

Vokoun + 3rd overall

I know I'm bias toward the Flyers but i can't be that far off here.

hahah no you are FAR FAR FAR off my friend not a PRAYER on ANY of those

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