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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
.... It will take time for the pattern to fully emerge and establish itself but as of today I think it is fair to say that one is slowly developing where in teams that draft well and then add one or two key ufa's have a couple of years to win the cup before they have to begin a sort of rebuilding process.

Maybe retooling is a better term and sure, all teams have always retooled somewhat every year but look at the Pens, they won the cup and since then have lost allot of the players that got them there and they haven't been back yet (too soon to tell if they will or won't need more work before they get back again if at all)..
Great post. Great analysis. You've definitely hit on the pattern.

Someone remarked that one of the league's goals with a cap is not just a salary structure that saves team's money. They also wanted a system that forces teams to rebuild as players get more expensive. The league wanted to spread the wealth of star players around to different cities and keep the fan base excited. As a result, we will see fewer Oilers or Islanders team rosters with multiple all stars and league leaders. Instead there will be more teams like the Ducks or Blackhawks. They build for two or three years then peak and get a shot at the Cup. If the goalie gets hot anythings possible. But those teams will tend to dominate for that year.

There are franchises, such as NJ, Detroit and the Flyers that have playing systems in place and that concentrate on development work for young players. This allows them to compete year in and year out - without necessarily getting into conference or Cup finals every year. That will be the Kings model.

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