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10-01-2003, 06:48 AM
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Three things would solve 99% of the problem
1. Devise a system of equalizing the American and Canadian dollar. with the 7 or 8 cent increase in the dollar it's expected that the Oilers will save/not lose/what ever a couple million bucks. So imagine if it was on par with the Amrican dollar!
2.Luxury cap set at 42ish. This allows anybody at or under the approx. average to not have to pay. THe upper eschelon teams in terms of salary should all pay (shouldn't be limited to Wings, Avs, Rangers, and the two or three others).
3.Make it harder for young kids to get these stupid raises and high contracts so early in life. Anybody 22 or younger shouldn't be able to to make more then 1.3 for a base salary, and maybe a million in bonuses.

What we'd offer to the PA in return?
1. lower UFA at 29 years. OBvious
2.Europeans aren't controlled as tightly. SO instead of drafting a Euro and not having to worry about signing him as you for ever have his rights, all that player to recieve offers from other teams at age 22 or 23 and if the player and a diferent team can come to an agreement then the team who drafted him has the right to match that offer and recieve compensation (so that a player can't be had for nothing - this is fairly similar to RFA's). This I'm sure would get alot of aproval from the steadily increasing European contingent of the NHL.

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