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06-24-2010, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
a second line centre, who is ok defensively, and regresses significantly production-wise during the playoffs (as gomez did in both of those cup runs, from .85ppg to .43ppg in 2000, from .86ppg to .56ppg in '01 and from .68ppg to .5ppg in '03) is hardly a "go-to-guy".

in neither of the cup runs, nor the finals loss, that gomez played with the Devils, was he one of the key figures in the teams success.

don't agree?

in 2000, when they won the cup, Gomez was relegated to 14minutes/game... only ahead of brylin and mckay (and 2 other players who were scratched most games)...

Since when do key players play so little during the playoffs??? Is it possible that your amazing memory was a bit off in 2000?

what about 2001? ok, a little bit better, 16 minutes/game, good for 4th among fwds... then again they lost that year...

so what was the solution?

2003, another cup win... Gomez? 13:44 minutes/game... a little bit more than such key figures as pascal rehaume, turner stevenson and jim mckenzie (the only fwds he played more than).

he played a role, for sure, but to say he was a go-to-guy simply isn't accurate. he was a complimentary player, a very good one, and one that provide decent scoring considering that the coach preferred not to give him too many minutes, but a complimentary player nonetheless.

that's how i remember thinking of him back then, and that's how the stats play it out as well.

guess your version of reality is a little "different". or maybe you are just getting a little old, and your memory isn't what it used to be?

yes, in the regular season... but in the playoffs, when it counts:

in 99-00 he was tied for 5th in playoff scoring (with 2 other players), a whopping 10 pts in 24 games...

in 02-03 he was tied for 6th (with 1 other player), with an outstanding 12pts in 24 games.

gomez was a part of each cup team, but not a key figure in either cup run... as his minutes/game clearly indicate.... or maybe it was just strategy... keep his minutes down so as to give the other team a better chance and make it more competitive
No, not old to the point where memory is failing......but the point the poster made was that Gomez was only around for the ride....if you actually watched those games, then you know he was a central figure in the D first system in New Jersey....

Based on your argument, you probably figure that he was just along for the ride this year as well......

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