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10-01-2003, 07:03 AM
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Oh man... OK let's go to school.

Quinn has his weaknesses which include a perhaps over-loyalty to vets. But your biggest weakness is usually your biggest strength which applies here. Quinn is a players coach; his players like him because he does not make erreatic decisions regarding their careers and gives vets the opportunity to redeem themselves. Personally, I agree with his philosophy.

Giving the young guys a chance --Oh boy...

So we are talking about Stajan Coli etc. aren't we? with the exception of Hedin and Perrott they are 20 years old or younger and just out of juniors. The AHL is THE BEST for them right now.

You guys are whining because Travis Green is the 4th line center, or Reichel. MOST TEAMS WOULD GIVE UP THEIR LEFT NUT TO HAVE THAT KIND OF DEPTH. Are you saying that Stajan is better than Green or Reichel? Prove it. Let's see how the does in the AHL before we conduct a fool-HEARTY EXPERIMENT WITH A $60 MILLION PAYROLL.

Shawn - The Leafs are burdened with excessive 3rd and 4th line players??? So who would you replace them with? Perrott? Stajan? Holden? Are you telling us that these guys are top 2 line players in the NHL?

These kids who have more talent and energy and upside than the Leafs roster? Well, maybe more energy at times, and more upside perhaps given their age, but Travis Green and Tie Domi and Robert Reichel and Mikael renberg are very good hockey players - do they have less talent than Stajan, Perrott, Leeb, Holden, whgoever else. Please, you really are making yourself look pretty silly. By the way, I would exchange muscles and experience for upside any day - because the veterans have more of both in spades.

Toronto is in a win-now situation. Stick the kids on the rock and bring them in as fill-ins It is the best for this team and it is the best for their development, and it is the best for the long term future of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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