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Originally Posted by TaLoN View Post
IMO too many with too little difference in value. That, IMO, de-values the #9 pick.

Again, that's why I'd rather trade down if they can.
I would too unless there's a player within reason who the team holds high enough in regards to pick. And I'd like to think that's not the case but it's a shot in the dark because this is the first draft where GMCF is completely running the show

Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
There's a considerable gap between Bjugstad and the players talked about around #9.

And seriously, why in the world would you want Bjugstad? He's clearly not on the same tier as the top-10, and the history of Minnesota high school players is downright terrible.
No the history of Minnesota HS players is that they are boom-bust gambles. That's the problem with trying to evaluate talent out of a league with tons of variation in terms of competition.

Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
Wheeler? He's been a disappointment. He's evidence to why Minnesota players are overrated! You can throw Oshie in there too. Good player for the draft position, but he's not lived up to previous expectations either. Zach Parise and Phil Kessel are the only 1st-line Minnesota-born or Minnesota-developed players in the NHL. After all those drafted, there's not much to be elated about. If you want a franchise player, don't expect it from here. If you think recent history of FOR Minnesota, it's homerism.
If you are counting Kessel and his year at the U, I'm counting this kid:

And this one:

So there's four without discussing defense. Plus there's maybe five if the Islanders actually have a first line. And six if you count this guy:

Yay provincialism!

Blog: First Round Bust: A Cast of Thousands celebrating a rather dodgy track record of Minnesota Wild Drafting.

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