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10-01-2003, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
Joey - no he won't. The players have tuned him out and aren't listening to him anymore, which was very clear last year in the playoffs. All the Leafs problems - having a lot of money tied up in a lot of 3rd-4th liners, a weak defense etc.... are all a result of Quinn being in charge of the team. Dumping some of the usless, depth players like Berg, Belak, Green etc... (all 3 of those guys either has a very limited use or hasn't lived up to potential) and giving young players who WANT to play would be a great thing for the team.
The leafs defence was not weak last year. They had Kabby, Shvala, McCabe, Wesley as a starting 4... that was not bad.... I think your frustrations have gotten the best of you. Toronto didn't give up last year on Quinn the leafs were hurting and were just out classed simple as that. And with your opinion on a youth movement such as who.. can I ask you that who would you replace these how do you call it 3rd or 4th line players with? Stajan, Carlo, Maxi, Harrison, etc... All these guys need atleast 1 - 2 more years in Newfoundland. So where is the point in rushing the young prospects who are not ready and who won't really help much any way. Quinn is a smart hockey man there is a reason he is where he is and you and I and the rest of us are where we are.

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