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03-24-2005, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Craven Morehead
A change in direction. Ryan Smyth is a good leader, but let's face it, he really has underachieved throughout his career IMO and is constantly injured for a about 6 weeks after x-mas with what seems to be a broken ankle. The Oilers are a below the middle of the pack team. Maybe they should cut their losses here and get someone else.
He brings alot to the team. Yes, he's prone to injury - in large part due to the type of game he plays but also due to the fact that he doesn't seem to have the most durable body.

As for cutting their losses, the Oilers have done that alot in the past decade or so. Re-signing Smyth was a good symbol that they can keep their better players. Now I'm not saying they shouldn't trade him. If some team offered them a future #1 center to build around it'd be tempting. I'm just not sure Havlat is the ticket. He's a great winger, but the Oil do have talented wingers. What they need is a center. Perhaps a 3 way deal would be best if the Sens really wanted Smyth.

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