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06-25-2010, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Brentbreakaway23 View Post
One thing I notice a lot of Adult rec league players do is wrap their laces around their ankles.

These guys tend to stumble and fall over a bit more than the rest of us.

Last night, I laced my skates up through the top eyelet(normally I don't do this).

I noticed a huge difference in my skating stability. It seems to me that by lacing my skates through the top eyelet of my skate my knee-bend and mobility actually DECREASED.

I don't consider myself a great skater or nothing, but I did notice a huge difference.

Just thought I would share. Laura Stamm says in her book to never wrap your laces around your ankles, and she even says that some players don't even use the top eyelets of her skates. I think she is exactly right!
Well, it makes sense.

The guys who wrap their laces around their ankles are quite often the guys that feel unstable on their skates. They're trying to get extra stability at the expense of ankle mobility. Your feet should be able to move back and forth freely, but should be locked in enough so that your ankles don't wobble from side to side.

Doing your skates up to the top eyelet is recommended for new skaters because of the extra support you get, but you sacrifice mobility. Once you're more stable on your skates, it makes sense to leave that eyelet loose. You'll have much more room to bend at your ankles, and by function your knees as well. Turns will be sharper, and strides will be more powerful.

What I don't agree with is Laura Stamm's recommendation for tightness at each portion of the boot. Following her instructions left me with sore feet and tendonitis!

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