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06-25-2010, 09:45 AM
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Not sure what JR is thinking here. I'm sure a team like Pittsburgh will have plenty of interest in Ray come July 1, if JR was smart he'd get a feel for the market of who's interested and who'd like to have negotiating rights. Even if we just get a late pick, its better than nothing.

As I said before, this is all JR's game in my opinion. He did it last summer with Cole & LaRose and he's doing it this go around with Whitney. Play your cards close to your chest, make it look like you're standing firm at your position only hoping to get the player to talk and give in, even just a bit. My money has always been on Whitney returning and I still feel that way. JR will re-sign Ray and he will give him closer to what he wants as we get closer to the end here. If you KNOW he is going to test the market and likely get higher offers elsewhere like JR has said, why the hell keep him and not get ANYTHING for him? Makes no sense at all. I'm calling a 2 year deal at 3 million per. In the end, it's closer to what Ray wants dollar wise and in the eyes of JR he has a vet in the lineup with the kids for the next 2 seasons. We're quite a young team so truth be told having a vet of Whitney's age isn't a bad thing. Do I want him back? No. We've been down this road too long, cut the cord.

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