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06-25-2010, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by jas View Post
I'd agree with that. He's got a two-year commitment to the KHL. I've seen him in the 1st round on a lot of mocks, but, you cannot rule out the...(pausing for dramatic effect)..."Russian factor".
Here's what it'd take to happen I think:

Tarasenko and Burmistrov available at our spot (#10): next 4 picks: Stars (11), Ducks (12), Phoenix (13), Blues (14), Bruins (15).

1) Trade 10, 40, 2010 4th rounder to Phoenix for 13, 22, 2010 3rd rounder

Draft Burmistrov at 13 (I think Tarasenko's better, but I also think he's more likely to fall)

Trade #22 + Gilroy to Boston for 15.

Draft Tarasenko at 15 (might be able to wait a few more picks [~17 or 18], but once you get to 19-20 I think teams like Pitt and LA are more likely to overlook the risks associated with Tarasenko).

Trade 2011 2nd + (edit: 2010) 3rd rounder acquired from Phoenix to a team for a mid-late 2nd rounder.

Draft Kuznetov.


Obviously, this is very contingent, and won't happen, but I don't think the trade values are far off or that the thought of these Russians dropping is unlikely (moreso Tarasenko and Kuznetov).

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