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10-01-2003, 08:03 AM
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...i'm not a perfect being NO ONE is and no one is claiming to be. Driving a car wrecklessly is not forgetting to put a cap on the toothpaste. it's a serious offense, especially when it isnt the first time. I have done stupid things in my life, but i've never endangered anyone's life as an adult....[QUOTE]

So you've never drove over the speed limit?
Not once? You've never hit 80mph on the highway? How about driving home after 2 or 3 drinks? If so, you have "endangered somebodies life as an adult"

...I find that hard to believe.

(I'm not saying it was an accident and he shouldn't be punished)

5 year driving suspension and community service/probation is what he should get.

Thank god Snyder is stable and that they were the only 2 hurt in the accident.

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