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10-01-2003, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
- Sedin's are playing great. But that's not my favorite part about all this. My favorite part.. my absolutely FAVORITE thing perhaps EVER in hockey will be when we are all able to collectivly go to the NHL Talk & Prospects boards and make a giant "I TOLD YOU SO!' post, when Daniel has 20 goals & Henrik 50 - 60 points by seasons end. were talented.. and .. uhh..'. *sighs* I can't wait.
The Sedins certainly have played extremely well this pre-season and looked poised to have a breakout year. IIRC, wasn't Daniel in the best shape of the entire team when tested? In any case, I expect big things from the twins this year, and hopefully we can all go rub it in all the doubters faces!

- Keane had a good night tonight, but I still hope he doesn't get signed. I worry Burke will offer him $1 million or so. If he wants to bring him on at $400k or so, I'm okay with that. But is anyone other than me thinking that Darren Langdon is never going to see another game of icetime ever as a Canuck? The depth on the 4th line is ridiculous - how will he play 40+ games like last year?
I agree, I don't want Keane at $1 mil, but anywhere between $500,000-750,000 is okay with me personally. The Canucks lost a lot of leadership and experience when Klatt and Baron left, and although the team is gaining those qualities as a whole, it doesn't hurt to have a 3 time winner such as Keane in the dressing room during a tough post-season game.

As for Langdon, I think he's all but done as a Canuck. May can provide the toughness and enforcement(although not as good) and can play a regular NHL shift. Martin Grenier can also be called up for the tough games. Langdon will likely be exposed in the waiver draft, and hopefully for both the Canucks and Darren, he'll be picked up.

- Okay, Jason King - interesting, but will it last? I'm not sure. I say if King plays two more strong games, he's got a roster spot. But he's still got a long ways to go. At this point, he's outplayed most of the veterans on the squad.
The only problem I see is, where does he play? Playing him in a bottom 6 role isn't very productive IMO, and top 6 role may be too much for him right now. Sitting in the press box also isn't much of an option at his age.

Anyhow, just for example, let's say the Sharks were out of the playoff picture in February - why not pick up a Mike Rathje for a prospect or a pick? The guy is huge, a very, very good #2/3 man on any team, can play 20 minutes a game, and would be a UFA the following season. I bet he could be had for a song - consider what they got for Ragnarsson last year? McGillis? Which they got a 2nd round pick for? If we could move off Umberger (unsigned, let's say) for Rathje in February, consider me SOLD on Burke wanting to win a cup. A defense of Ohlund/Sopel, Rathje or another left-side, very good defenseman like him/Jovo, Malik/Salo, to me, is right up there with some of the best bluelines in the league.
That would be nice to get a guy like a Rathje at the deadline, but I personally feel that the Canucks would be better suited to get a nasty, physical, crease clearing guy. Rathje's huge, but he doesn't use his size all the much physically. Maybe Allen becomes that crease clearing guy?

Anyways, great post as always Mizral!

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