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10-01-2003, 08:31 AM
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Well, he wouldn't be the first Canuck to come into camp, have a kickass pre-season and then taper off.

Still, the signs are encouraging...he's taking the puck to the net more, and really feathering some nice passes through the slot to the open stick. That said, the knock against him last year was that he would get muscled off the puck whenever he tried to take it to the net, it makes sense for him to be much better at it in the preseason since players won't be playing the body like they normally do.

The added weight/strength is a good thing. Let's hope it's enough.

I highly doubt you'll see him steal Morrison's job as center of the WCE, though...he simply isn't good enough defensively. However, he might excel to the point where we can afford to break that line up.

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