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10-01-2003, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by JWI19
You cant compare MLB to the NHL. The Yanks are the high around 160 million (i think). The lowest is around 40 million. Thats a 120 million dollar difference. The NHL high is around 80 million, the lower around 27. Thats a 53 million dollar difference.

And in MLB there is only one Cash Cow that goes over the limit. Thats the Yanks. Everyone else is on or under that number.
45 million for the NHL would effect nearly 1/2 of the teams. Most of the teams over than number will lower thier payroll to be below it. Isn't that the idea? The create a more equal playing field
before the Mets season fell apart and they started trading higher priced vets to make room for their prospects,the Mets payroll was up in the $90M-$100m range.I think the Red Sox also had a payroll in the $90m-$100m range this season.I'm not sure what the Braves,Dodgers or Colorado are spending but all 3 teams have been among the big spenders for yrs.

and while the idea is too create a level playing field,the couple of nhl teams backed by huge cable revenue,aren't going to be held back by having to pay a luxury tax.

Look at how the Yankees with their huge cable deal can laugh off the luxury tax.They've become a monster,ruining baseball imo.

Cablevision owns the rangers and Knicks.I believe the Knicks were $41m OVER the nba's cap.any nba fans out there that can verify this $ amount?Last yr the rangers payroll ended up roughly $42m over the league average.With cablevisions deep pockets,what's a luxury tax to Cablevision?
I read the Leafs made a $70m profit.Why would a luxury cap rein in the leafs if they have the chance to sign an Ignila,a Luongo or a Gaborik away??

and when one of the Wings,Blues or Avs makes a big move,think they other two won't react, even if it means raising payroll?

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