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10-01-2003, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by SensGod
Comrie has the better scoring touch? If I count up all the numbers...I see it the other way around.

Sure Havlat has played a few more games than Comrie, and has had the best season out of the two players...but I don't quite "get" how you can say that Comrie has the better scoring touch.

To top it all off. Comrie is Edmonton's #1 Center and Havlat is Ottawa's #3 RW.

If you want to see just how off you are...take a look at their ice time over their careers as well

"Comrie has a better scoring touch than Havlat"...we can add that one to the all time list of Homer Quotes.
*sigh* Comrie's highest is 33 goals. This was during the season Smyth was gone for months with an injury and Carter wasn't doing anything in the last few months. As I said Havlat is on such a superior team that it really doesn't matter that he played on the third line. He still had quality linemates. I never said Comrie was the better player, just that he is more of a sniper, while Havlat is more of a playmaker (ie. Young Ales Hemsky in Edmonton).

Now if you look at the deal purposed before you took the time to put in your choice words, you have to admit that is a massive overpay by the Oilers.

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