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10-01-2003, 09:08 AM
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No, just be a little more understanding, like us common people tend to be.
I never said i the situation was awesome. i said i dont have any sympathy for someone who makes that choice. So as a common person i guess i am expected to understand his choice? what if that was my son in his car? should i just "understand" that?

You've obviously never have been in that situation, which is a good thing, but again, he who hasn't walked the walk has little room to talk the talk.
You're right i never have been in that situation because i knew the seriousness of car crashes. You're right i've never gone more then TWICE the legal speed limit {it was a 35 zone he did 80 in}. So i shouldnt be angry at anyone who commits a crime because i never commited one? Again we arent talking about a 15 year old kid who stole to put bread on his table, we're talking about a 22 year old MAN who endagered lives.

So he asked for this, plain & simple, no need to go any further than that comment right?
No you're right he didnt ask for this. The car must of magically accelerated itself to more then twice the speed limit. It must have been a defect because it appears its happened more than once to Mr. Heatley. You gotta be kidding me! When is someone's choice finally their choice? Seriously, how much more of a choice do you want someone to have. That's exactly what scares me today is NO one is held accountable for anything, even when they knowingly chose it. Heatley doesnt live in a vacuum, he KNOWS the conequences of this.

The kids a bad driver, we're all well aware of this. In fact, I think its amazing that with all the teenage/babyfaced young athletes who make tons of money that this doesnt happen more often. These kids never have had ANY formal driving lessons, much less drive a regular 4-door sedan or something to that effect. They go right for the Ferrari/Porsche after at least 2-3 full years of driving up & down campus Outside of not knowing his limits in a car, the kid is exemplary in every aspect of his life, read up about him, you'll find out. To treat him the same as some thug who drag races or a drunk(oh, society never forgives them) is B-S!
The kid is a 22 year old who also went to college. The kid is a legal adult in every sense of the world. The kid has a brain and didnt use it. Where did i call him a thug? Did you even read the post. I know he is a good kid i know he isnt evil but he made a very bad judgement call that put someone in the freakin intensive care unit for christ's sake. I am not saying he did it on purpose and should be put to death for it, all i am asking is that we stop making excuses for him and allow him to accept the punishment for his CHOICE.

ain, the jailtime is absolutely NOTHING compared to what the guy will have to overcome in his heart/head knowing he caused this tragedy. It may sound like BS to some, but if you knew the guy, not just the player you'd understand.
Alright then you tell me where to draw the line with jail. I want to know when it's enough to simply be sorry. Death? Mangling? where is the limit? explain to me when enough is enough and people are held accountable for the choices they made, good and bad.

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