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10-01-2003, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by IGM
The thing is that you seem to be unwilling to accept the possibility that he MIGHT still be able to develope into a solid NHLer. I too am around the team and "ask questions of people who make decisions". I would bet that if you went and asked them if there was a possibility that Tripp MIGHT be a serviceable NHLer (I think third liner who can contribute with some O but wouldn't rule out him having a remote shot at more) that you could find someone who thinks that he m i g h t.
I don't know if it's "unwilling to accept." I just think the guy did all he could do to make the team (hustled, hit, scored) and still truly wasn't of the caliber that would warrant him being there. You think this team is THAT good that they can afford to send people down who can put the puck in the net? I have asked if Tripp MIGHT be a serviceable NHLer, and I think I have a recorded answer on tape that indicates he most probably would not... but that he'd be a guy you could recall for short periods of time and get some use out of. He's probably not going to HURT the Kings if he's put in the lineup in small doses, but he's also probably not going to be more than say Chris Schmidt was last year... a bunch of non-descript games with equally non-descript linemates.

Originally Posted by IGM
I am not saying you are wrong, in fact, I think you are more than likely right. I just think that for every guy you can list that should have been great in the NHL based on their minor league accomplishments that didn't pan out, that I can give you a list of guys who made it after they were written off by everyone or weren't even drafted.
Definitely... the lists can be long on both sides, but once you're playing back in the E, five years after turning pro, the odds have to be stacked more towards MY list than yours (concede that point?)

Originally Posted by IGM
Oh, and you know I was kidding about the know it all thing, right? I went to LGK and read allot of what you had written and have an opinion on why people responded to you the way they did. I have found that most people are just waiting for an excuse to take a shot at you even if it is without cause. You have done a fantastic job at LGK and written some solid pieces. (That is the strength of LGK in my opinion, it has had some MAJOR contributions from some very intelligent hockey minds over the past few years) A real boon to that site. I think though that everytime anyone starts doing well there that there are people who, for no good reason, become jealous. Maybe they are bitter about their lifes. Maybe they need to cut others so they can feel good about themselves. It seems that it is always easier to believe the worst about someone then it is to know the truth.
Yes, I knew you were kidding... I saw your winky-emoticon. I had a meltdown and called some girl's post moronic. It was her first post, and the title was "avs suck" -- and frankly, I take issue with people who post anti-other team stuff just to think that this includes them into the "family." See, I happen to not dislike the Ducks, the Avs, or any other NHL team (well, maybe not the Flyers) just because they are "rivals." Being a fan for so long, I tend to appreciate when the opponent gets good. Of course, being a Kings fan for so long, how can you NOT appreciate when the opponent gets good. Anyway, I try NOT to stoop to the level of the first time poster, but I had a momentary lapse of sanity, and got skewered for it. I'm human. I try to do my best to moderate fairly over there, but it's not my board, and the "owner" (although a good friend) will occasionally overrule a decision or two

Originally Posted by IGM
I am glad you are here, it is an even playing field with rules and your insight is appreciated. I have a feeling that you will get a run for your money as far as Kings trivia is concerned here, there are allot of long time fans that post here.
I look forward to any run for my money I moved to LA in Jan, 1976 and only missed 6 games between then and 1983 when I moved back to NY. Those were my formative Kings years! Long live Don Howse!

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