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03-25-2005, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by MaDdY
Everyone was bashing leaf_fan for starting this thread over again...look how changed this is. People have different opinions...Kronwall has suddenly come into picture in top 6 out of nowhere...Tie breaker for the 6th best prospect. This is interesting.
Not really. The poll is redundant and has brought out people who know absolutely nothing about our prospect who appear to be band-wagon voting. Kind of sad.

I mean we have people arguing that Bell should make it one potential alone just because he improved from last year. Thats bull. Ian White had to improve plenty just to survive in the AHL and worked all off-season to do it. Not only is that dedication, but it shows he can make teh transition from feeder leagues easily. He also outplayed Bell the entire season, has gained acclaim from prety much everybody around him, has stood up to the competition small and large and has shown much better hockey smarts and offensive potential than Bell has his entire career to this point. And he did it while being a full year younger.

The mere fact that 7 people voted for Kronwall last time, is enough to make this joke a laughing stock. Anyone who knows anything about our prospects would know that Kronwall would make the top 15 if he was lucky. And then, those same people that voted for Kronwall changed their vote. They went with what everybody else was saying. And I'll be damned if it was because over 2-3 days they decided to spend their time pouring over news reports, interviews and scouting sites.

The poll is useless, end of story.

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